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Color Changing Mood Strip w/ 4 18" LED Strip Lights (6ft)
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Color Changing Mood Strip w/ 4 18" LED Strip Lights (6ft)
Color Changing Mood Strip w/ 4 18" LED Strip Lights (6ft)
Color Changing Mood Strip w/ 4 18" LED Strip Lights (6ft)
Color Changing Mood Strip w/ 4 18" LED Strip Lights (6ft)
Color Changing Mood Strip w/ 4 18" LED Strip Lights (6ft)

Color Changing Mood Strip w/ 4 18" LED Strip Lights (6ft)

SKU: S5050-1W18S-RGB-4S
Our price: $79.00
Retail: $129.97 save $50.97 ( 39% )

Strip (not LED) Color:

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6 Feet of Remote Controlled, Color Changing, LED Strip Light Kit

Save money by buying the four (4) strip combo package with remote, controller and power supply. Everything you need to make strips light. Same as the LED Color Changing Mood Strip 2pack, but with a total of four color changing 18" LED light strips for a total of 6 feel of light. We only use the larger SMD5050 chips for more light.

EagleLight's LED strip lights are flexible, slim, high brightness, multi-color changing strip ideal for brightening your space. The flex surface of the strips are available in both white and black to better blend into the surface you are attaching to. These LED strips are great for both interior and exterior applications. This light is housed in a thick transparent silicon casing that offers water resistance when connectors are properly sealed.

The strip's small size and rainbow of LED color light output make the mood strip ideal for a wide range of applications such as cove lighting, back lighting, shelves, cabinets, behind head boards, stair night lighting,

These strips offer a great solution for everything from home projects to serious architectural lighting.

  • NOT for use on wall switches.

  • Bulb Shape: RGB Strip Light
  • Base Type:: 4 pin easy controller plug-in
  • Comparable to: One of a kind...strip light
  • Color Range: Multicolor /Multidim
  • Energy Consumption: 3-6 watts power consumption per strip (0.2w per LED).. wattage depends on the color being used
  • Housing: Silicon (Available with a black or white background)
  • Operating Temperature: -20C to 60C (-4F to 140F)
  • Starting Temperature: -10C to 50C (14F to 122F)
  • Universal Power Voltages: Operates 100-240V
  • Superior Brightness Performance
  • Beam Angle: 120 Degree
  • LED Source Life: 30,000
  • Dimensions: Length: 18" per strip Width: .5" Height: .125'
  • 24 Button Remote Control Included
  • Weight: 18 Ounces

Controller: LED Color Changing Mood Strip controller comes with a wireless infrared (IR) remote control. The remote altogether has 24 keys: ON/OFF key, brighten light key, dimming light key, 15 color plus white fixed mode keys and 4 keys that select consecutive change patterns: flash, strobe, fade and smooth. Increasing light and reducing light only has an effect under fixed modes. The 3 Amp power supply that is included in the kit supports up to 16 strips. For additional lengths you can purchase the 6 Amp power supply which will support up to 32 strips (59 ft).
28 Key Color Changing Mood Strip Remote and Controller
Replacement remote and controller for our mood strips. This specialized remote not only has the 16 colors and four settings (flash, fade, strobe and smooth) that the original strip remote has, it also has a do-it-yourself (DIY) button. The DIY button allows you to create a color of your own and m...
our price: $26.95retail price: $39.99save $13.04
44 Key Color Changing Mood Strip Remote and Controller
Replacement remote and controller for our mood strips. This specialized remote not only has the 16 colors that the original strip remote has, it also has an additional 4 preset colors, and a dim/ brighten and quick/slow button to control the Auto (smooth), flash, jump3, jump7, fade3 and fade7. Th...
our price: $36.95retail price: $49.99save $13.04
LED Strip Only for Color Changing Mood Strip
LED Color Changing SINGLE STRIP w/o power supply, controller or remote. The new LED Mood Ribbon flex-strip is a flexible, slim, high brightness, multi color changing strip ideal for all interior and exterior applications. It is available with a black or white background to suit your needs. This l...
our price: $9.89retail price: $24.95save $15.06
Background Color:

Customer Reviews
Average Rating:
4 starsbased on 6 reviews
Amazing Product and service!
by Bill from San Fransisco on September 18, 2012
These light strips are fantastic and durable enough for many uses. The colors are bright and attention grabbing, one is bound to impress with these fantastic strips.
Good for science!
by Mark from Australia on June 20, 2012
We use these things as cheap source of monochromatic light for growing plants. They can be fitted to pretty much anything, the separate strips means you can put them in many different arrangements. And the variable intensity is really useful. Much more than just giving your home some atmosphere!
LED color changing mood strip
by Fred from Kansas City on February 05, 2011
These are great lights, I put them in my bar, and there is enough light output (I bought 4 strips) to immerse the bar in color. Blue for a vodka party, red for a rum party and green for St. Patrick's Day next month. Good quality, remote works great and I haven't had any problems with small spills of drinks that has splashed on the strips.
LED Color Changing Mood Strip
by Devon Dawson from CA on January 22, 2011
Color me impressed. These lights worked perfectly to backlight a stained glass window. The different colors in the glass are highlighted or muted depending on the color of the LEDs.
color changing LED strip
by Gary from NYC. on January 09, 2010
After setting up two sets of these lights in my recreational room I had a feeling my wife and son enjoyed the mood expierice each color brings. I set one of the sets in my sons room and the other in the living room and they both were very happy. For anyone who enjoys using a light dimmer ,this is just what they should get. They dim and have many color variences including white. I miss my lights and will replace them soon.
Awesome lighting
by Jared from Phoenix on December 16, 2009
I looked everywhere for cove lighting to go in my shower. This led light stips are frickin amazing. everyone I show them too either say they've got to have them or just marvel at the brilliant colors. Top notch product Thanks
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