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EAGLELIGHT - Energy efficient LED lighting products

Thank you for checking out EagleLight LED Lights. We hope you enjoy this website as you learn about LED lighting, how to live a greener lifestyle and what we're all about as a company and a team. We founded EagleLight in 1999 with the notion of wanting to do something that was both good for the planet and a great business. In 2007 we placed our full focus on energy efficient lighting, with LED based Solid State Lighting (SSL) being the key focus. We are a group of experienced entrepreneurs who have built many businesses over the years. EagleLight is built around a few basic principles:
  • To make the world a better place for generations to come
  • To be a world leader in "green" lighting
  • To provide premier solid state and LED lighting that is innovative, sustainable, and energy conscious
  • Provide easy access to information on cost saving LED lighting products
  • Give our honest opinion on all products and comparisons
  • Make sure the customer is satisfied!

These are some pretty big commitments, which we take very seriously. We believe that successful companies in this new millennium will strive to balance the needs of the organization, the customer, the planet and the future. Walking lightly on the Earth has never been more important. I am sure you've noticed that almost anywhere you look today; you'll see a headline or an article reflecting our need to do something about Global warming. Fortunately, they're also providing solutions to this call for help. We at EagleLight are doing our part to answer that call. We look forward to helping you answer as well, with one of the simplest changes you can make and what light bulb you choose.
We offer comprehensive lighting solutions for all of your lighting needs. This includes lighting design, energy efficient lighting and solar products. EagleLight carries premier LED lighting products that are innovative, sustainable, and energy conscious. Please consider us for your next lighting purchase.
Yours for a greener earth, EagleLight
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