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LED Light Bulb Cost Savings - EagleLight LED Lighting Saves Money


Cost Savings with LED Lighting

LED light bulbs save a lot of money. They typically use 5-15% of the energy that a normal incandescent light uses. They do not have the mercury that compact florescent lights have. LED lightbulbs also last a really long time compared to incandescent light bulbs. In many cases over 50,000 hours compared to a typical 1500 hour life for an incandescent bulb.
Cost savings for LED lights are calculated based on the savings found over the lifetime of the LED in energy consumption. They do not include the time, effort and expense of replacing an incandescent bulb 30 times or more over the life of a replacement LED light bulb.
For the math inclined here is the assumptions used to determine the cost savings of a LED light:
LED lifetime is based on 12 hours of use each day. Lifetimes are based on manufacturers statistics normally from 30,000 hours to 100,000 hours. Cost of electricity is based on 10 cents per kilowatt