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Customer Reviews
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so much fun
by Louis from LA on September 18, 2012
This light strip is great. Very flexible so it can wrap around anything (I placed it under my round bar). Generates bright light and easy to use and put together. The remote (which is included) offers great color options as well as strobe and fade. great product that cannot be found in many other places!
Great light
by Larry S. from Atlanta, GA on September 18, 2012
Fantastic light with tons of color and pattern options. Great price and great service, would recommend to anyone
Good service and product
by Paul from Redlands on September 18, 2012
Upon ordering this light I called eaglelight with a few questions, the customer service representative that took my call was very helpful and informative. I received my light promptly and was very impressed with the product
Amazing Product and service!
by Bill from San Fransisco on September 18, 2012
These light strips are fantastic and durable enough for many uses. The colors are bright and attention grabbing, one is bound to impress with these fantastic strips.
Good for science!
by Mark from Australia on June 20, 2012
We use these things as cheap source of monochromatic light for growing plants. They can be fitted to pretty much anything, the separate strips means you can put them in many different arrangements. And the variable intensity is really useful. Much more than just giving your home some atmosphere!
4W 27SMD LED Chandelier E12 Candelabra Base SKU: G15-E12-4W2
by Richard C. Dewey from Scottsdale, AZ on April 19, 2012
Excellent candelabra bulb. I have been looking for about a year for a natural white candelabra led which would fit into a 3x4x5 shade. This one is perfect. The fit, color and brightness are perfect. This bulb is not dimmable so it must be used with a non dimming switch. In my eight lamp candelabra,these leds give excellent brightness. Dimming is not necessary.
5 Meter Reel Mood Strip Lights
by Ryan Merrett from Tallassee Alabama on February 27, 2011
First off this is a very good web site. Very nice people. I called the number and had to leave a message but within 30 minutes someone called me back and answered all my question nicely. I got the Mood Strip in a timely manner and they took about 5 minutes to hang. I used them to light up my new patio and we love them. They worked out great. I may have to call to order more on down the road. I would give the lights and the company a 5 star rating. GREAT!!!
by Lucas James from miami FL on February 27, 2011
I Have it Around My beach houses pool and down the the sidewalk to the beach and its awsome
LED color changing mood strip
by Fred from Kansas City on February 05, 2011
These are great lights, I put them in my bar, and there is enough light output (I bought 4 strips) to immerse the bar in color. Blue for a vodka party, red for a rum party and green for St. Patrick's Day next month. Good quality, remote works great and I haven't had any problems with small spills of drinks that has splashed on the strips.
LED Color Changing Mood Strip
by Devon Dawson from CA on January 22, 2011
Color me impressed. These lights worked perfectly to backlight a stained glass window. The different colors in the glass are highlighted or muted depending on the color of the LEDs.
Dimmable 6 watt PAR30 Led
by James White from Columbus Ohio on January 17, 2011
Tried this bulb because I was disappointing with the dimmable CFL flood lamps I had been using. The lowest setting on the CFL lamps was still very bright. Will continue to buy the dimmable LEDs. The color (warm) and the range in lumens matches the incandescents almost exactly. Will be switching all canned ceiling lights over to these soon. Very happy with these bulbs.
mood light strips
by James J Tedesco from Home on November 28, 2010
I created the most wonderful effects IN MY 55 GALLON FISH TANK. Glued two strips and the controller under the original light hood (leaving the remote sensor outside). It really is amazing how the colors change the appearance of the tank. I hope fish are colorblind!
Pefect for Household Can lights
by Paul from Ohio on November 26, 2010
I bought 4 of these for our bedroom to try them out - had other LED lights before that were not bright enough and also did not disperse the light widely enough - wife hated them. These on the other hand I had up for over a week before I asked if my wife had noticed I changed the incandescents out - she had not noticed at all (warm white model, obviously). Great product, dims nicely, and bright output comparable to the normal incandescent bulb. Will be ordering more. Gave a 9 instead of 10 bec...
2 Watt MR16 with 15 S5050 LEDs
by JJ from Wisconsin on November 10, 2010
I bought two of these to try out in my ceiling lights. They look fabulous and there is no noticeable difference between these and my 60 Watt Halogens. I'm extremely pleased and ordering more!
Mood change remote.
by Steve from Los Angeles on November 10, 2010
This remote and light system is awesome. You can dial in a very specific color and it's dummy proof. I recommend this system highly because I've looked at others and eagle light has the nicest finish of LED light strips out.
Dimmable 6 Watt PAR30
by Adam from Harrisburg PA on October 25, 2010
I purchased one bulb to test it out and so far, it performs as advertised. It doesn't create the defined spot that the 50w halogen bulb did but I almost like the led lighting better. I plan to purchase 10 more for boardroom application.
They work!
by Alan from Northern California on October 18, 2010
I was kighly sceptical these bulbs would dim and that they would be as bright as the 50 watt hologen bulbs I wanted them to replace so I only ordered one bulb. When it arrived I removed one bulb from the array and replaced it with the new 7 wall LED. I asked people if they could tell which was the 50 watt and which was the 7 and no one could tell any difference. So I ordered 5 more to complete the array. I went from an array using 300 watts to one using only 42 watts. I can't wait to replace ...
Cree LED dimmable par20
by Alan from northern California on September 30, 2010
I bought two of these bulbs and replaced them in a track with 7 other 50 watt halogen bulbs and then asked people to identify which two of the 9 were the 7 watt LED's. Most people identified one 50 watt halogen and one 7 watt LED proving they are a direct replacement. They all work together on the same cheap dimmer switch. I am back today to replace the other halogens with these LED's. Next month the whole house gets switched over to LED's. I went from 450 watts to 63 watts with the same qual...
5 watt led flashlight
by Dean Rodgers from Va. on September 29, 2010
Great small light got 1 over a yrs ago, been in draw for 5 months still working on same battery only recharged 2times sense getting it its brite you can't look at it even with eyes closed, thinking about buying another 1
colorchanging mood lights
by Jimmy from Medford ny on September 03, 2010
I have installed these in my 54 gallon fish tank reflector. I removed the florescent bulb and placed the mood strips inside the light housing. ABSOLUTELY STUNNING. Eaglelight is a fantastic company to deal with!
by Jay from New Jersey on August 19, 2010
The colors are rich and true to the eagle light photo. I like these so much that I can't make up my mind where to use them. I have one in a canister type floor lamp that reflects off the ceiling and wall. Looks really nice in this lamp. I like being able to dim the lite not only to save on electricity, but to alter the mood as well. I think the price could be better, but all in all, I enjoy this device.
Outstanding under cabinet lights
by Marc Galliani from North Carolina on June 25, 2010
We just installed 32 feet of this ribbon lights and they look great. They we easy to install and nice and bright. I did not like the look of the little led lights on my new granite counter tops so i pointed the lights towards the backsplash and WOW does it look great. This was less then half the price of any other under cabinet lighting we looked at and nothing else could have benn mounted pointing toward the backsplash
LED Dimmable House Hold Light Bulb
by Gary Gardner from Pennsylvania on June 15, 2010
I have used this bulb for two months and am very pleased. I have five different styles of LED bulbs in my house and this is one dims throughout the entire range better than any other I have purchased.
T8 replacement tubes
by Robert Peer from Yanceyville, NC on June 13, 2010
I ordered 2 of these to use in my greenhouse in commercial white..they got requestioned for the kitchen replacing 1 tube in each fixture. They are brighter than the daylight whites that were in there. It only took me about an hour overall to remove the old ballasts and rewire both fixtures and put the tubes in and cleaning the diffusers. My partner has cataracts he can see better under these and the fluoros gave us both headaches. These take 1 or 2 second to come on, but full brightness thoug...
Perfect bulb
by Scott from Baltimore on June 05, 2010
These are my favorite LED bulbs. They are plenty bright, the color of light in the warm white is very nice and the 120-degree beam angle makes them work in all my in-ceiling cans. They look very nice in the fixtures as well. The similar Par30 bulb is also excellent. I have had no problems with any of the ones I put in; highly recommended!
Great spot replacement
by reb from Maryland on May 26, 2010
Just put mine in today and works great. It is replacing a 30w spot and it works just as well as the spot. even better because I can control the colors. Would like to see better instructions on the programing of the light.
LED Candelabra 3W
by Joseph from Cincinnati, OH on May 10, 2010
This light is fantastically bright! I have it in a cheapy, $10 lamp from a chain store that uses a Candelabra socket. Nice, white light from this bulb that belies its 140 lumen specification. I'd give it 5 stars.
Very good light
by Jeff kemp from Massillon OH 44646 on April 02, 2010
I got the light yesterday And tried it outside at night Very good deal on it very good focus I am very satisfied with this flashlight Thank you very much .
Ceiling Mount LED Lights Great
by Alan from Iowa on March 28, 2010
This is a great product. I have a ton of in ceiling lights in my house that burn a ton of energy. These LED lights you sell are a great replacement. My energy bill is dramatically lower. The light is very nice. Thanks
Art lights
by Leo from Miami on March 28, 2010
I'm using these to replace halogens on the art in my house. The color is very clean and pure. I'm going to try your brighter ones too but I'm very happy with the quality of these LEDs
Better than Botox
by To Linda in KS from California on March 28, 2010
Originally I loved these color changing lights for parties but now I'm using them more for general lighting because they're bright enough and I can set them at a pretty color that flatters everyone in the room.
Your color-changing Light strips
by Laura from Minnesota on March 28, 2010
Thank you - i just love these color changing light strips. They have brightened the winter here with their gorgeous glow and they are so bright. My kids love them. My husband loves them. My neighbors love them. What a great product!
by Lancen from Palm Springs on March 26, 2010
I really loved this light. It was amazing how it dimmed so easily.
by Paula Lee from Kickapoo, IL on March 26, 2010
I loved this light!!! I use it everyday and I never get bored of changing the colors! I cant say enough positive things about this light! I just wish it had more colors...
My experience
by Leo from Alaska on March 26, 2010
This bulb has changed the interior of my house. The fact that you can change the color of this light whenever you want, is amazing. I highly recommend this product! You will not be disappointed by the light, or the customer service.
40 Watt LED Light Bulbs
by Rusty from North Carolina on March 21, 2010
These were the first six LED bulbs I've purchased for the home so far. I've had them installed for almost a month now. They're working like a charm! I tested the wattage in a couple different style lamps and the watts varied from 4 to 5 watts, depending on the lamp. Excellent! Looking forward to that first lower electric bill after replacing all my CFLs with all new LEDs. I replaced all my Grandma's incandescent bulbs with my old CFLs that I'm no longer using in my home. My home goal should h...
Very bright
by Paul from Ohio on March 20, 2010
Wife had insisted we send back other LED bulbs as not bright enough. This one is very bright - equal to a standard can flood bulb. Only problem: narrower output. In our 4 can bedroom we have noticeable variance in light. It's not as even as the CFL bulbs we pulled out. We are keeping these for office and going to try the 120 degree version for bedroom
G24 down light
by Mike from Virginia on March 18, 2010
This is much brighter as a down light than a standard 13W two tube florescent. Very nice color and dispersion even though you don't save much in terms of power used.
Cool Light
by Jim from Las Vegas, NV on March 11, 2010
I bought one first, did not know how 5 watts would be bright enough. It was very bright, would not want them any brighter (about a 40 watt normal light bulb). It is a mood light. Then I bought 5 more. I put the in cam lights on my ceiling outside on my patio. The ceiling is 12 feet tall. The lights are perfect. Some people called them disco lights from the 80's. Thank you.
by Rico from New York on March 05, 2010
Omg I love this bulb! I have a collection of color changing lights but this is my favorite...very classy appearance and it gives off the best light!
PAR30 dimmable
by Joseph from Cincinnati on March 05, 2010
I really like this light- I have it installed in a recessed fixture in the living/dining area on a dimmer. The light output is ''au natural'' and bright enough to satisfy whilst reading. I'd give this light an A to A+ for it's versatility and glow.
Wonderful warm radiant light
by Scott from Maryland on February 24, 2010
The great thing about these bulbs is they have a 120 degree radiance angle which is much wider than most of the LED flood bulbs. I had a few places I had put 60 degree flood LEDs and I was getting spots on the floor because there was not enough coverage (in other spots 60 degrees worked best however). Replacing with these guys it is perfect. These bulbs I would call a true "Warm White", not quite as warm as an incandescent but very close. Most of the other warm white LEDs are somewhere betwee...
by jonathan runkles from clewiston florida on February 06, 2010
works great plants love it great product
Great bulb for my kids room
by Linda from KS on January 20, 2010
I recommend putting one in every kids room.
flashlight review
by Gary from NYC on January 09, 2010
I have owned mant flashlights and some quite expensive. The brite militay light get very hot and battery life is poor in comparision to this little wonder. Near as brite as my very expensive light this uses 3 triple A batteries unlike the others vey expensive C123 battries. I was hesitant to buy this at first, but now I'd like another to have around the house as my wife always uses it .
color changing LED strip
by Gary from NYC. on January 09, 2010
After setting up two sets of these lights in my recreational room I had a feeling my wife and son enjoyed the mood expierice each color brings. I set one of the sets in my sons room and the other in the living room and they both were very happy. For anyone who enjoys using a light dimmer ,this is just what they should get. They dim and have many color variences including white. I miss my lights and will replace them soon.
by Joy Hampton from New York on January 08, 2010
Very good bulb with great color and great dimming range. This shows the future of LEDs is here now!! We have these in the house, garage and weekend home. Appears brighter than a 40 watt as well.
Great House Hold Bulb!!!
by Amanda Murphy from Austin on January 07, 2010
Great dimming bulb!
Great bulb for my office
by Mai Morimoto from Boca Raton on December 23, 2009
Replaced all the fluorescent under desk bulbs in my office with these. Worked out well. I like the warm white feeling in my office.
Awesome lighting
by Jared from Phoenix on December 16, 2009
I looked everywhere for cove lighting to go in my shower. This led light stips are frickin amazing. everyone I show them too either say they've got to have them or just marvel at the brilliant colors. Top notch product Thanks
Works Great!
by Bert from St Augustine, FL on December 16, 2009
We have a conference room with 15 lights, and tried to have a dimmer installed, but ran into the issue of finding a dimmer capable of 1000+ watts... and it needed to be a remote-control dimmer. They do not exist, unless you have heat syncs that wont fit in the switch box. These LED lights solved all our problems. We can have the whole room on a single dimmer, we save energy, and the light output it great!
nice bulb
by Mark Senn from Lafayette, Indiana on December 14, 2009
Nice light bulb. Briight, Didn't notice any noise. Fiirst 120 V LED bulb I've bought. I'm happy with it.
by Unknown from Unknown on December 07, 2009
Good dimmability. Great 35 watt replacement.
Nice Design
by Jarred B from New York, NY on December 07, 2009
I am new to LEDs. Just replaced a few of these in my house. They run cool and are extremely bright. Exactly what I was looking for.
9 watt LED HB Celing Light 60 W R
by Santiago Plascencia from Mexico on December 03, 2009
Looks good, buying two, but not idea how to chose between warm whith and neutral white. Thanks,
Quality bulb
by Scott from Baltimore on December 01, 2009
This bulb is very well-made. It dims better than the CFL bulbs that can dim. The cool white is a little too cool for me but it has many more lumens in that color so its hard for me to buy any other color.
I like it
by Carmine V. from Buena Park CA on November 28, 2009
My first LED bulb. I put it in a recessed can fixture in the kitchen. I hate the CFL's as they take a long time to warm up. LED: INSTANT on. Could be a bit brighter, but definitely acceptable. Goodbye CFL's, I will be buying more of these.
Great Product
by Maryann from New Jersey on November 25, 2009
I love these lights! They are very easy to assemble, and the good sticky back means they STICK where you place them. I also love this company. Order fulfillment could not have been faster. From placing the order on-line to free delivery at my door and installed? 2 days! I have these strips placed behind my audio cabinet, another one under the lip of a coffee table, and the 3rd under my kitchen cabinets. I have them all set to "Smooth" and the light show is fantastic. Don't think twice. Buy th...
Great bulbs!
by Adam from Greensboro, NC on November 19, 2009
I bought 30 of these bulbs to replace the bulbe in our elevators and display cabinets. They are perfect! The elevators feel 10 degrees cooler than when using the old bulbs.
Reveiw led indoor lights and this company
by Gary from NYC on November 13, 2009
Hi, Its not often when I am so impressed with a product and happy beyond the norm with the company I've done my purchasing from and this is one of those occassions.If you are browsing this site you have some knoledge about the LED and the practicle use of them. But maybe your not aware of how much advancment has occured in the past few years. this 10 watt 36 led bulb was a gift from the company and I must say unless It was for free, I think I would never had used one. To reveiw it , it's per...
Small bulb but effective
by Tim Denman from Long Island on October 01, 2009
I put one in my fridge. Let's see if it's too cold in there.
Good color. Dims well
by Ryan Iozzia from Jersey City on October 01, 2009
I'm happy with my new Pharox III. The shipping was fast and the customer experience was great
Cool looking bulb
by Jeremy Borer from BK New York on October 01, 2009
Good light. Fast service.
No harsh colors...great light
by Wayne from HI on October 01, 2009
I used this to replace my 50 watt incandescent in my kids rooms because they always leave their lights on. I like the warm white color. First time using LEDS. I'll be buying more in the future.
Great bulb and service
by John Wright from Bryn Mawr on October 01, 2009
Light was exactly what I ordered. I'm using them for my outdoor flood lamps. Now I don't mind leaving the light on over night.
Great Product
by Johnny from New York on October 01, 2009
Good light output. I'm really happy with the LED quality.
Good Bulb
by Chris Johnson from New York on September 30, 2009
I out these lights outside as flood lights. They work great and I don't feel guilty leaving them on all night. Now I can see when bears are seeking around my garbage.
Pharox lll 6 Watt LED Bulb
by Peter Nichols from Lake City,FL on September 10, 2009
I don't usually write reviews but I am very impressed with the Pharox lll performance, it easily takes the place of a standard 60w bulb in it's light output with only 6w!!!
PAR30 - 75 Watt LED
by M Ryan from Dallas on September 04, 2009
I like them. It is a little less beam angle than I would have liked. Somewhere between a spot and a flood. The White is a very nice white, resembles moonlight when dimmed. Dims very nicely.
Good light output for the money
by Berto from Cailao on August 29, 2009
I really like the bulbs light output and color temperature. I put them in my tool shed where it gets really hot in the summer. There is no lens which keeps the LEDs cooler and lasting longer. I would recommend this indoor bulb to everyone.
great for kitchen
by james from littleton, co on July 31, 2009
I have 4 of these in my kitchen they light it up just like 4 60watt regular bulbs have had them for about 4 months now and love them also have seen a reduction in my electricity bill since installing led bulbs in my house
Happy Customer
by Johnny from Los Angeles on June 03, 2009
Great product. The strip light is surprisingly bright. And my kids love playing with the different color schemes. I recommend the product to everyone.
Par 20 20w 36led warm white lights
by G Wilkins from Yorkville IL on May 28, 2009
I ordered 12 of these lights for outside accent lighting of our house. These lights are great.
by peter from 243 lundy lane on May 25, 2009
this color channging led light show is such as good desinge! i would recamend this for people that like lights!I enjoy the light show it put's on for my entire family! i always use it to put my children to bed at night. it helps me alot! you can also use it inside or out!!! you can also use it for any occasion! i like it so much I gave it a 10!That is why I like my COLOR CHANGING LED LIGHT SHOW!
Color Changing LED Light Bulb and Remote
by Scott Wolf from California on April 21, 2009
First let me say this is the only real option for RGB LED lights out there that doesn't cost a fortune. That being said, this thing is pretty cool. It's got a handy remote that can select all functions and colors, and even turn it on and off. I'd love to be able to do custom colors, and sound activation would be nice, but it's still a very good value.
Color Changing LED
by Jim from Ohio on April 12, 2009
I installed 4 of these in waterproof cans for a walk-in shower. The slow transition through the whole spectrum is amazing. I was pleased to find out that you can cycle through all the effects without the remote.
Your zoom flashlight-thanks
by Chris from New York on January 09, 2009
This flashlight is really awesome! The zoom and the laser focus of the beam is increaible. I've never seen such a to used strong beam of light that extends so far out. This is the best Flashlight I've ever seen, LED or not.
6" Can Light Replacement
by Josh Poulson from Ridgefield, WA on February 08, 2008
These were easy to install and produce wonderful light that covers a wide area well. I am now looking to install more 6" cans all over the house.
What a difference a bulb makes
by James Evans from Boston on January 22, 2008
WOW. I can't believe what a difference this bulb makes. I can't wait for my electric bill to show up so I can see how much I'm saving.
Super Bright Flashlight
by Ellen from San Diego, CA on December 30, 2007
This little flashlight is unbelievably bright! And it's so compact. The beam travels so far because it's so intense. The light is white and bright unlike the sad yellow glow of old flashlights. Everyone should own this LED flashlight and give one to their kids and elderly parents for their safety too. Thanks for selling this product!
This is the subject line.
by Homer J Simpson from Springfield on December 27, 2007
This is the content of the review. Isn't it grand? Please leave this product alone so I don't have to create a new one every time I need to test something.
LR6 Flood
by Josh Poulson from Ridgefield, WA on November 29, 2007
The LR6 flood is great! A nice wide beam that fills a space evenly and goes straight into the cans I had regular bulbs in.
LED downlight
by Mark Scmidt from Mission Beach on November 09, 2007
I replaced all or our down lights with these LR6's. They provide really great light and use one tenth of the energy we used before. I highly recommend this light.
Fluorescent replacement
by Roger Horton from Sante Fe, New Mexico on October 08, 2007
I use these lights extensively in my office and they are fantastic. the light is brighter and much more economical than the standard fluorescents I used to use. I have not had to replace one yet. Thank you very much
LED Bulbs
by Fred Smith from Memphis on October 01, 2007
These work fantastic...Thank you
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5 Meter (16.4 Feet) Ultra Color Changing Strip Light with Remote Control
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